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Discover the Sixfinity Suspension on Yeti Cycles Latest 160E E-Bike

Yeti Cycles, a renowned manufacturer of high-end mountain bikes, has announced the launch of its newest addition to the e-MTB family, the Yeti Cycles 160E. The bike boasts of an unprecedented approach and design, including a new suspension platform that has been developed specifically for the demands of an e-MTB. The Sixfinity suspension platform brings tunability, speed, and performance to the 160E that is unparalleled in the industry and this is some important text. .

Over the past five years, Yeti Cycles' product teams, engineers, and athletes have worked together to develop the 160E. This has been an intense development process that has resulted in a bike that is at the pinnacle of Yeti's offerings. Custom molds have been used to create deeper integration, intuitive control management, and one slick looking e-MTB.

Yeti Cycles

The Sixfinity suspension platform is the crown jewel of the Yeti Cycles 160E. It has been designed to deliver unmatched efficiency and traction, optimized for the added weight, speed, and demands of an e-MTB. The suspension design has a lower anti-squat value at sag, which is ideal for the greater acceleration and higher speed hits while pedaling on an e-MTB.

Additionally, the anti-rise magnitude has been reduced to 65% due to the greater mass of an e-MTB, while still maintaining consistency across the entire travel range. The result is a bike that strikes a balance for the unique demands of the added weight and power of an e-MTB.

Yeti Cycles Latest 160E E-Bike
Yeti Cycles

The Sixfinity suspension platform also provides a tunable leverage rate progression, giving riders a dynamic range of suspension feel. This feature allows racers to adjust the suspension to their ride preferences and track conditions while preserving the bike's geometry, anti-squat and anti-rise characteristics, and only a minute impact to wheel travel at +/-2mm.

The Yeti Cycles 160E also features dual 29" wheels, which provide more traction, better rollover, and ultimately a faster bike. The compact packaging of the Infinity link allows for shorter chain stays, which eliminates the lazy-to-turn feel that plagues e-MTBs with suspension designs carried forward from pedal-only designs. Despite the shorter chain stays, Yeti Cycles has managed to maintain a 29" wheel size, leaving traction and speed on the table, while compensating for mullet setups.

The 160E's bottom bracket height is a bit higher than Yeti Cycles' SB150 pedal bike, coming in at 350mm. The slightly higher BB, paired with shorter cranks, allows racers to realize the gains of extra pedal strokes, making the bike a speed demon that's hard to beat.

In conclusion, the Yeti Cycles 160E is a high-performance e-MTB that has been expertly designed to meet the unique demands of off-road riding. It features cutting-edge technology and design, including the Sixfinity suspension platform, dual 29" wheels, and shorter chain stays, making it a force to be reckoned with on the trails. If you're looking for a bike that can take you further, faster, and with more precision than ever before, the Yeti Cycles 160E is an excellent choice.