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In the Know - Caleb Holonko: Building and Riding Trails with a Pro MTB Rider

SRAM, the cool dudes who make bike parts, just dropped a sick video on YouTube featuring Caleb Holonko, a pro mountain biker from North Vancouver. The vid is called "In the Know - Caleb Holonko," and it's all about Caleb's love of building and riding trails.

Caleb grew up on Mt. Fromme, one of the three mountains that make up "The Shore," which is like the birthplace of modern freeride. He spent all his free time building and riding trails, and now he's an expert in the game.

In the Know - Caleb Holonko

The video starts with Caleb dropping some knowledge: "To create something is to know it." Basically, he believes that in order to really get something, you gotta have hands-on experience and know it inside and out.

Caleb's all about "No Dig, No Ride." That means if you wanna have a dope ride, you gotta put in the work to build the trail. His trail building skills are off the charts, and that's what gives him the edge when he's out there shredding.

The video shows Caleb doing his thing on some of the gnarliest trails in North Van. He makes it look easy as he drops down crazy steep sections and whips around tight turns. We also get to see him building new trails and shaping the terrain to create fresh challenges for riders.

Watching this video makes you wanna hop on your bike and hit the trails ASAP. Caleb's passion for mountain biking and trail building is contagious, and you can't help but get stoked when you see him doing his thing.

So if you're into mountain biking or you're just looking for some inspiration to get outside and build something rad, you gotta check out "In the Know - Caleb Holonko." It's proof that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.