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Roger Vieira's Triumph: The Privateer Project Journey

Meet Roger Vieira, a 28-year-old Brazilian DH racer living in the UK. Chosen by Wyn Masters for the Privateer Project, his talent and self-funded success earned him the Privateer Award in Mont-Saint-Anne.

Roger's unique racing style, utilizing every corner for smooth lines, sets him apart. But life hasn't been easy; he faced setbacks like job loss and bike theft.

Roger Vieira

However, fate smiled on him when he got full factory support through the Privateer Project. With this newfound backing, Roger took on the World Cup season with unwavering determination and support from his extended family in the Privateer Project team.

His resilience and passion inspired many as he conquered challenges and improved his performance. Beyond racing, the Privateer Project gave him hope and a sense of belonging in the mountain biking community.

Roger Vieira's journey proves that with passion, determination, and support, dreams are worth chasing, no matter the odds. So, keep shredding and believing in your dreams!