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Richie Rude Returns to DH Racing with Yeti Cycles

Richie Rude, the professional mountain biker and longtime member of the Yeti Cycles family, has announced that he will be returning to downhill racing after a decade-long hiatus. As a former UCI DH Junior World Champion, Rude is no stranger to the discipline and has expressed a desire to push himself at higher speeds and get back in tune with that DH mentality again.

In response to Rude's request, Yeti Cycles has created a brand new DH race bike designed to make him faster. The company's product and engineering team worked tirelessly to bring this bike to life without compromise, and they're excited to be part of Rude's journey to race DH again.

Richie Rude DH Jump
Yeti Cycles

Rude's return to downhill racing is sure to be an exciting development for fans of the sport. He has had tremendous success in Enduro racing over the past few years, amassing 30 podiums, 19 wins, and 2 Enduro World Series Titles. However, Rude's thirst for the chance at a third title led him to seek out a new challenge in DH racing.

The Yeti family couldn't be happier to have Rude back on a DH bike. His passion for riding bikes is contagious, and his quiet determination and love of the sport have made him a valuable member of the team for over a decade. In a recent announcement video, Rude reflected on the importance of surrounding himself with the right people, from the team staff to his mechanic. He emphasized that Yeti has always felt welcoming and shares his passion for racing.

As Rude prepares to take on this new challenge, we wish him all the best. We're excited to see him back on the DH circuit, and we know that his dedication and hard work will pay off in the end. Here's to a successful season ahead for Richie Rude and the Yeti Cycles team!

Richie Rude DH turn
Yeti Cycles