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Discover the Lightest Full-Suspension E-MTB from Giant - Trance X Advanced E+ Elite

Giant Bicycles has announced the release of their latest electric mountain bike, the Trance X Advanced E+ Elite, which promises full power and full speed on any terrain. Boasting one of the lightest full-power E-MTB in the world.

One of the key features of the Trance X Advanced E+ Elite is its breakthrough battery technology. While many lightweight E-MTBs have a reduced motor output due to the use of smaller batteries to achieve lower weights, the EnergyPak 400 in the Trance X Advanced E+ Elite is co-developed with Panasonic and uses higher volume battery cells. This makes it possible to have a full-power motor with a battery that's half the weight of previous generations.

Giant Trance X Advanced E+
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The EnergyPak 400 battery system is at the core of the Trance X Advanced E+ Elite's lightweight design, shaving off a full 4kg (9 pounds) off the previous generation. The bike's frameset and components are also engineered to minimize weight without compromising on stiffness, strength, and off-road durability. From the full composite frameset made with Advanced-grade composite material to the innovative Contact SLR Trail integrated one-piece handlebar/stem unit, every component is optimized for lightweight performance.

In addition to its lightweight design, the Trance X Advanced E+ Elite features advanced cockpit control with multiple control units. The RideControl Go button on the top tube lets riders easily change support levels and has an on/off button with colored LED lights to indicate support mode and battery level. The Ergo 3 remote, integrated with the handlebar grips, features three buttons and a minimalist design with tapered, size-specific grips. The control units can also be used with any replacement grip. The remote can be mounted on either side of the bar, and there's an option to add a second Ergo 3 to control features such as walk-assist mode or lights. Adjustments can also be made using the RideControl App, which gives riders the ability to customize the motor performance for their individual needs.

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The Trance X Advanced E+ Elite is equipped with the SyncDrive Pro motor, which delivers 85Nm of torque and a 400 percent support ratio. The motor has an automatic adaptive support mode called Smart Assist that uses six sensors to determine the precise amount of power needed while riding variable terrain. Smart Assist also maximizes battery efficiency, ensuring that riders conserve energy while achieving maximum performance.

Finally, the Trance X Advanced E+ Elite features Maestro suspension technology, which delivers 140mm of rear travel for smooth control on rugged singletrack terrain. Combined with a 150mm suspension fork and a mixed wheel build - a larger 29-inch front for stability and roll-over capabilities, and a 27.5-inch rear for agility on the trail - it's an ideal setup that balances responsive handling with confidence and control.

In summary, the Trance X Advanced E+ Elite is a game-changing electric mountain bike from Giant Bicycles, designed to take riders to new heights with its lightweight design, advanced cockpit control, and Maestro suspension technology. With full power and full speed on any terrain, this bike is a must-have for any serious mountain biker.