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Crankworx Rotorua DH Course Preview with Rob Warner and Jess Blewitt

Crankworx Rotorua is one of the most anticipated events in the mountain biking calendar, attracting riders and spectators from all over the world. As the countdown to the big day continues, Crankworx has released a new video featuring two of the most respected names in the sport: Rob Warner and Jess Blewitt.

The video is a course preview that takes viewers on a thrilling ride through the Rotorua DH track. Rob Warner, the regular presenter of the world cups, is on the bike, trying his best to keep up with Jess Blewitt, an experienced rider.

Rob and Jess Rotorua DH

Throughout the video, viewers can see Rob suffering as he struggles to follow Jess. The track is full of obstacles and challenges, and Jess seems to effortlessly glide through them, leaving Rob in her dust. At one point, Rob even loses his chain, adding to the excitement of the ride.

Despite the challenges, the video serves its objective well, presenting the Rotorua DH track to viewers in an exciting and engaging way. With Jess as the guide, viewers can see the track from the perspective of a seasoned rider, gaining valuable insights into the terrain and the challenges it presents.

Overall, the Crankworx Rotorua DH course preview is a must-watch for anyone interested in mountain biking. With Rob and Jess providing an informative and entertaining guide, viewers can get a taste of the action that awaits at the big event. So, grab your bike and get ready for an exhilarating ride!