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Angel Suarez Introduces New Team Unno Primal for Downhill Mountain Biking

Angel Suarez, has recently released a video on his YouTube channel introducing his new team, Unno Primal. The team, which is sponsored by Unno, a Spanish bicycle manufacturer, comprises a group of talented downhill mountain bikers.

In the video, Suarez speaks about his excitement to be a part of the Unno Primal team and how he believes the team has a strong chance of achieving success in the upcoming downhill racing season. He also gives viewers a glimpse of the team's photo shoting and preparation for the season ahead.

Angel Suarez UNNO Primal
UNNO Primal

Suarez, who has been a professional mountain biker since 2012, has an impressive record in downhill racing. He has won several international races and was the Spanish National Downhill Champion in 2015 and 2017. With his talent and experience, combined with the support of the Unno Primal team and their high-performance bicycles, Suarez is definitely one to watch in the upcoming downhill racing season.

Overall, the Unno Primal team looks set to make waves in the world of downhill mountain biking. With a strong sponsor and a talented group of riders, they have all the ingredients for success. Fans of the sport will no doubt be eagerly anticipating their performance in the upcoming season.