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Amaury Pierron's "THE PILOT": A Glimpse into the World of DH World Cup Champion

Get ready for the exhilarating film "THE PILOT," featuring Amaury Pierron, the 2022 DH World Cup Champion. This documentary takes you on a thrilling journey through Amaury's life, showcasing his talent, struggles, and ultimate triumph.

Directed by Sleeper Collective, "THE PILOT" goes beyond the surface to reveal the challenges Amaury faced, including potential career-ending injuries. Through intimate interviews, Amaury and his teammates, Myriam Nicole and Thibaut Dapréla, provide personal insights into the world of DH racing.

Watch "THE PILOT":

The film captures Amaury's everyday life, from his home and gym to the thrilling COMMENCAL test track in Pascuet, Catalunya. By immersing yourself in his world, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the dedication and complexity behind DH racing.


Experience the rollercoaster ride of emotions as Amaury shares his story, making "THE PILOT" a must-watch for fans and sports enthusiasts alike. Don't miss this inspiring film that showcases Amaury Pierron's incredible journey to becoming a two-time World Cup DH overall winner.


"The PILOT" Rider: Amaury Pierron Film & edit: Sleeper Collective